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Welcome to my blog. My "No Dress Code" Blog is about my fashion style. My style is very eclectic. I am not a hardcore blogger but will try my best to blog if i don't get lazy lol. Few likes the way i wear my clothing some don't but when it comes down to it, i don't really care and live by what other people taste but my own, and what others think of me will be their oppinion. So anyways, most of my secondlife life clothing that i will be posting are either clothes that i obtain for free or purchase. I think, that there's no limit of how you dress your avatar in this game. So have fun and wear what you may.
In real life i also love putting on make up as i am in SL. I also love wearing hats in RL and in SL (;
All the graphic here in my layout is made by me including the shirt that my avatar wearing. Goodluck!

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Umbrella Hunt Prize
Sunday, March 30, 2014,9:08 AM

Outfit -Ruxy-Letitia. Umbrella Hunt Prize (Look for black umbrella)
Link - Click Here

Boots -Yasum Design. OMG lots of shoes for free! JOIN GROUP to get shoes.
Link -Click Here

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Coca Cola Short Pant Overall
Saturday, March 29, 2014,5:53 PM

Overall -[M*G*S] Short Overall. Lucky Board Prize. No need to join the group to play lucky board
Link -Click Here

Hair -little bones Black Magic Hud Driven to change hair colors. Join Group. Check Group Notice for gift.
Link - Click Here to Store

Hunt Prizes
Sunday, March 23, 2014,10:54 PM

Dress -BE Springtime Halter Dress Stuff Giiftie #148 Hunt (MEGAstuff WS), 1L
Link -Click Here

Jeans -AoD ScrubbJeans Purple - MEGAstuff WS Hunt Gift #121 0L
Link -Click Here
It took me a while to find this prize but here's the hint. There's a statue left side of the stairs, find it from him.

Studs or Spike Outfit
Thursday, March 13, 2014,12:38 PM

Dress -M&M M&M-AMARANTHA DRESS MESH WHITE-MARZO2014 Group Gift Free To Join.
Link -Click Here

Dress -M&M M&M catsuitPINK-MESH
Shoes -*The Creatures* *T.C* Gotha W.Gold Group Gift Free To Join. Check NOTICE
Link -Click Here

Jumpsuit -M&M M&M catsuitPINK-MESH

Leggings -Spiked Leggings Black Lace - J.Allen Gift NO Group required
Click Here

Sleeve Shirt -*COCO*_BowShirt_Black Link -Click Here

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Ugly Duck
Sunday, March 9, 2014,10:43 AM

I just thought i'd post a picture of me in a full body's avatar. The skin was an old gift like from 2 years ago. I don't know if it's still on the shelf or not.
Skin -Ugly Duck - Bear Fun II
Link -Click Here

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Beautiful Skin and Hair
Friday, March 7, 2014,1:20 PM

Hair -little bones. Blue Monday - Group GIFT. Fee To Join Group 250L
Link -Click Here

Dress -Graffitiwear 2014 March Subscriber Gift
Link -Click Here

Skin -::Drop Dead Gorgeous:: March 2014 Group Gift-Total Control -Tan
Link -Click Here

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Promotional Tied Dyed Tank On The Marketplace
Wednesday, March 5, 2014,11:01 AM

Skin -*CH* Design-February Group Gift OL to join
-*CH* Maria (rome) M0 Link -Click Here

Shirt -Iffyta Jaded's Rigged Mesh Tie Dye Tank 0L promo only so get yours now!
Link -Click Here

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